• Sustainability and Zero Waste Expo & Convention / Ankara
  • 2-4 November 2023
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Happy Global Recycling Day on March 18

Regarded as the seventh natural resource following air, water, coal, petroleum, natural gas, and minerals, which are classified as the natural resources throughout the world, recyclable wastes have become one of the vital components for the environment alongside the economy. Numerous countries have started to develop and implement government policies to recover recyclable wastes.


Eurasia’s most prestigious organization on environmental technologies and zero waste, ENTECH – Environmental Technologies, Recycling and Zero Waste Expo, is one of the strongest supporters of the issue. Companies serving in the industries of solid waste, water and wastewater technologies, bioenergy, waste collection and carrier vehicles, recycling systems, recovery facilities and products, urban cleaning vehicles, renewable and solar energy will present their innovative technologies at ENTECH.


ENTECH will take place concurrently with Zero Waste Forum at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center between September 2-4, 2021. Zero Waste Forum will make a difference in the zero waste field, which has been on the agenda of numerous countries, particularly in recent years.