• Sustainability and Zero Waste Expo & Convention / Ankara
  • 2-4 November 2023
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Pioneer of sustainability will take part in Entech

The most environmentally-friendly companies of the recycling, environmental technologies, and zero waste industry, will take part in ENTECH with all of their innovations on September 2. Exhibiting companies will display their products for a livable world at Entech – Environmental Technologies, Recycling and Zero Waste Expo and Zero Waste Forum, taking place concurrently with the exhibition. The most distinguished academics of the world, including Dr. Ashok Khosla, one of the pioneers for the concept of “Sustainability”, will share their knowledge and experience with visitors at Zero Waste Forum.
One of the world’s leading experts on the environment and sustainable development, former Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, Dr. Ashok Khosla chaired the Office Directorate of India EPCO (Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization) for a long time, of which he is the founder. Living in Delhi and devoting himself in commercially viable, environmentally-friendly technologies, Mr. Khosla has still been a board member of numerous global environmental organizations including the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Stockholm Environment Institute. Dr. Ashok Khosla, having served as an adviser to the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme and the Indian government, has been awarded many international prizes due to his contribution to sustainable environmental technologies.
Save the date of Entech, where domestic and international academics will take part as speakers like Dr.Ashok Khosla, in recycling, environmental technologies, and zero waste area.