• 17-20 October 2019
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ENTECH For A Livable Turkey

CNR Expo Yeşilköy, home for the biggest fairs worldwide, is getting prepared to host ENTECH, which aims to be the biggest fair of Eurasia in the field of environmental technologies.


CNR Holding mobilized a network of thousands of visitors and exhibitors with its experience of 33 years, aiming to leave behind a livable world for the next generations.


The publicity and marketing activities for ENTECH - Environmental Technologies and Urbanisation Expo are continued by CNR’S London and Dubai offices, as well as 128 authorized agencies and, will be held between October 17-20, 2019


The latest developments and innovations, sustainable environmental technologies, environmentally-friendly products will be exhibited at ENTECH, bringing together public enterprises, institutions, municipalities, academicians, private organizations with the sense of social responsibility.


As a significant event for a clean environment and a better future for Turkey, ENTECH will be held at a space of 10 thousand sqm by CNR Holding organization CNR International Trade Fairs, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and KOSGEB (small and medium enterprises development organization)